A new beginning.


As I start my next course I wanted to share where I feel I am today. Express your Vision was a revelation to me. I enjoyed it immensely. I was stretched to my limits at some points. Reading, learning then trying out new ways of seeing.

the camera is only a tool. The way we see is what makes the difference. One of my photographic heroes “Frank Hurley” said:

“regard your camera as an artist does his brush. Think that you hold a piece of apparatus worthy of the same possibilities of the artist…Your camera is but a piece of mechanical apparatus. You are its intellect.” (1).

i couldn’t agree more with this quote from him.

At the start of EYV I felt almost disparaging about the luck some of the masters seem to show. I have changed my mind…..We make our luck by seeing and  then being patient or just lucky.

I thought this shot I took whilst out practicing for context and narrative is a great example of luck adding to a photograph. I saw the shapes formed by the lake, path and fence plus the textures of the roof and thought they made an interesting stage. I waited for some players to take to the stage. It started to sleet so I sat under some trees. I waited and two ladies made there way to the point where the lines all point. I took my photograph.

Back at home I looked at the photograph in detail. Here is the luck in the window I saw a lady looking at the players on the stage. This was luck I hadn’t seen her at all.

However I feel it adds a dimension to the scene. When I saw her it made me gasp. She looks so forlorn.

I wonder who she is and what she was doing.

It links both EYV and Context and Narrative perfectly for me.

(1) Michael Gray and Gael Newton “Pioneer of Polar Photography South with Shackleton” p238.


The lady in the window.


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